Geoff Hackett, M.H.K, Mental Performance Consultant

About Geoff 

Geoff holds a Masters in Human Kinetics with a specialization in sport psychology from the University of Windsor, and has been involved with sport in numerous roles for many years. He has a sport and coaching background that developed his interest in mental performance. As a consultant, he draws on over 20 years of playing soccer and 10 years of experience as a soccer coach on Vancouver Island. Within mental performance, Geoff has experience working with youth level as well as high performance varsity athletes over a variety of different sports. Currently, he is an intern with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Mental Performance Services

Similar to physical training, mental training requires consistent practice for athletes to see the benefits within their sport. Geoff works with athletes and teams on issues related to performance enhancement, and offers the following services and strategies:

  • Reach performance potential in sport
  • Regulate arousal, stress, and energy levels
  • Mentally plan for competition and games
  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Develop specific mental tools related to performance (goal setting, imagery, self-talk, relaxation)
  • Use mental tools to target specific mental skills (energy management, stress management, attention, motivation, self-confidence)
  • Recover from injuries and setbacks
  • Build team culture and positive team environment

    Why would I work with a Mental Performance Consultant? 

    There are many reasons why an athlete would seek services from a mental performance consultant, with one of the most common being performance enhancement. In addition to the physical skills required to perform within their sport, athletes must have the mental skills to deal with the psychological demands they face in competition, such as building self-confidence, refocusing after mistakes, controlling competitive anxiety, and planning for performance. By addressing mental performance areas within their sport, athletes will be able to:

    • Regulate their emotions, thoughts, and actions to play to their optimal level
    • Deal with the many stressors in competition and training
    • Hold a high level of focus to maximize their training time
    • Enjoy their sport while keeping a positive sport-life balance 

    What is involved in the first session?

    The purpose of the first session is to identify what the issues are within your sport. Your past successes, challenges, and current obstacles are important pieces of information that will identify the best way to proceed in accomplishing your desired goals. Geoff will discuss your concerns and thoughts that will create a mental performance plan that fits with you. The first session is where a clear direction and time line is established in order to achieve your intended targets. The number of sessions required will be based on each athlete’s situation and needs.   

    The Importance of Confidentiality

    Mental performance services are confidential, meaning that the information shared between Geoff and an athlete will not be available to individuals outside the athlete-consultant relationship (coach, other athlete, parent etc.) without the athlete's consent. If athletes choose to release information, they will be required to complete a release of information form. It is important to note that there a few limits to confidentiality in British Columbia: a) if an athlete expresses an intention to harm themselves or another person, b) if there is a reasonable cause to believe a minor (< 19 years old) needs to be protected from abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional) or neglect, this must be disclosed the information with the proper authorities, or c) if Geoff is served with a valid subpoena, search warrant, or court order, he must comply. As well, all information is kept confidential after the termination of an athlete-consultant relationship.

    How can I schedule a session?

    To set up a consultation, email or call 250 753 3245 ext. 2224. Please contact for hourly rates, workshop rates, package fees for teams and athletes. In addition, please note that as this service does not provide psychotherapy, 3rd party billing is not provided. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact.