PacificSport Vancouver Island's Coach Academy is an eight-month program providing coaches with NCCP courses, applied coaching workshops, and mentorship! Following their successful application and admittance into their cohort, coaches will receive quality education through collaboration, connection, and inclusion. The PSVI Coach Academy will be delivered through a combination of face-to-face, online, and, mentorship based activities facilitated by PSVI staff, guest lecturers, and experienced qualified coaches.

Applications for the 2022 Academy, beginning September 2022, are now open. Click here to apply.

PSVI Coach Academy participants will receive:

  • NCCP courses from the Community Sport stream *Note: depending on courses a coach has already completed we will work with each individual to ensure they received appropriate offerings
  • Sport for Life e-Learning courses
  • Interactive courses developed by PSVI based on holistic coaching topics, eg: creating a culture, leadership, how to develop your coach philosophy, and understanding different teaching and learning styles
  • Mentorship from Experienced Qualified Coaches
  • Networking Opportunities
  • PSVI Coach Academy shirt and crewneck
  • Performance Analysis training and software subscription

Coach Academy Timeline

September-December 2022: Semestre 1 | The Art of Coaching

January-March 2023: Semestre 2 | The Coaching Environment

Apri-May 2023: Semestre 3 | Coaching that Inspires

Please view the document below for more information on the courses and programs offered as part of the Coach Academy. The 2022 update will be posted in Summer 2022, but the 2021 version can be viewed for reference.

    Coach Academy Application

    The 2022 PSVI Coach Academy is open for applications! Applications will be accepted until July 31, 2022.

    Please click here to apply.

    Successful applicants will need to complete two pre-requisites prior to September 2022: Safe Sport (Online Course) & a Criminal Record Check (including Children & Vulnerable Adults).

    Coach Academy Investment

    The PSVI Coach Academy is an all-inclusive investment of $1,500.00 for the entire twelve month program, which is valued at $3,492.00.

    The $1,500.00 total payment from each coach is significantly offset by a $1,992.00 discount offered by PacificSport Vancouver Island. We are proud to invest in our dedicated local coaches and are confident that their participation in the PacificSport VI Coach Academy will strengthen the regional coaching landscape.

    PacificSport Vancouver Island will be happy to work with successful applicants to create payment plans spread over the course of the year-long academy. There will also be a number of funding opportunities that successful applicants may apply for - these will be released once the 2022 cohort is selected.

    Coaches are also encouraged to speak with their local sport organizations to inquire about funding for coach education or scholarships! Many clubs will be happy to help contribute some funds towards coach education.

    Potential applicants are also welcome to email Kevin or Geoff with any questions.

    2021 Coach Academy Cohort

    Meet the coaches of the inaugural PacificSport VI Coach Academy: