GymWorks™ is a partnership program with local fitness facilities, health clubs and community centres that provide Registered Athletes and Coaches easy, local and free access. Registered Athletes and Coaches have the ability to train in their home environment without the long-term commitment of purchasing a membership with one training facility.

As strength and conditioning programs are an integral part of training, it is important that the athlete consults with their personal coach or the head coach of their training group to ensure that their use of the GymWorks™ program is complementary to their annual training plan. Note that some GymWorks™ partners also extend complimentary access to registered coaches.

Be aware that certain facilities will have various restrictions. Prior to using the GymWorks™ program, review the partner facility information listed in the following table and consult the GymWorks™ partner website to ensure that the specific restrictions and time availability of the GymWorks™ facility are known. A valid PacificSport card must be presented to the front desk of the fitness facility to gain access. 

GYMWORKS Partners - Printable List AS OF MAY 2018