14 year old Kyra Gillette has been training in the sport of Karate for more than half of her young life. In 2017 she took two gold medals at the Canada Open Karate Championships and a bronze at the Karate World Championships at the Olympic Oval in September.  Gillette competes at the national and international level in Karate and credits the Mid Island IGNITE Athlete Development Program with making her “stronger and more prepared.”

“It feels so good to train and know I am improving my performance - especially when everyone else is asleep.  It is totally worth it!” an enthusiastic Kyra shared.

Also an accomplished cross-country runner (and provincial high-school champion), Gillette identified the IGNITE program with enhancing both her physical and mental performance through workshops and training sessions – both in the gym and in the classroom. 

There is a mental game in sports that influences performance and young athletes need to exercise their mental muscle.  Within the IGNITE program, athletes receive mental performance training to remain focused, develop intensity control and support positive self-talk. This results in athletes that are better prepared for the emotional highs and lows of elite sport.

“The strategies for game day and self-talk workshops really helped my personal mental focus,” shares Gillette.

The IGNITE nutrition workshop is specifically designed for athletes living a high-performance lifestyle.  Strategic caloric intake and refueling are key takeaways for IGNITE athletes, helping them stay hydrated and strong throughout the day. 

Gillette agrees, “Now I know what to eat on game day and the day before to really make a difference.” 

PacificSport Vancouver Island is offering an IGNITE Try-it month for athletes ages 13 – 17.

IGNITE Try-It – January - February 2018

PSVI are offering individuals an opportunity live and breathe a high performance lifestyle with our one month try it program.  Athletes age 13 – 17, will be given a comprehensive individualized training plan, mental performance training education and receive baseline testing in power and speed.  This is also a great opportunity to train with like-minded individuals from a variety of different sports and meet the IGNITE coaching team. Partnered with our experts at Island Optimal athletes will undergo elite training in physical literacy and athleticism to compliment your sport. 

REGISTER NOW - https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mid-island-ignite-try-it-month-registration-39665955942?ref=ebtnebregn

About the IGNITE Athlete Development Program

The IGNITE Athlete Development program is designed to provide future national team and Olympic or Paralympic athletes with fundamental athletic skills to support and enhance their athlete development in a manner consistent with their Long Term Athlete Development stage, in a world class, high performance and multi-sport environment. The IGNITE Athlete Development program will connect like-minded athletes in an environment where they are able to work together toward their goals.  
Learn MORE- http://www.pacificsportvi.com/ignite-athlete-development-program-overview

Kyra Gillette